The Wall Street Warriors Slugfest

“Stock Market – Can stock market be fun and a game rather than the means of investment and money making? Conceptualize a fantasy game around stock market which can deliver fun and entertainment around the market speculations”

This contest is about ideating and fun. Innovation is only what this contest is hungry about and that is it. It requires no qualification and has no eligibility criterion. The participant is expected to innovate and conceptualize a game around the seed idea and submit the idea. Yes, that is it. You need not create any design, you need not program just write down your thoughts in document and send it across.

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The guidelines listed in this section are only meant to guide you and in no way intends to influence your ideas. Just consider the following, but please feel free to violate them and present your best.

1. How can stock market be a game and means of fun and entertainment?
2. What should be the features of your stock market game?
3. How can the game be engaging and deliver immersive experience?
4. How can the game ensure that a participant of the game feels motivated and wishes to play the game again even if he loses?
5. How can the game interest people beyond geographical boundaries?
6. How can the game interest people of all ages, backgrounds and gender?
7. How can the game engage people beyond market hours, over weekends and public holidays?
8. How can the game be made simple such that even with no stock market knowledge and experience the interested people can still play the game?

What you should avoid

1. This is about building a game and so the game should not become another kind of trading platform. Game should deliver fun and entertainment and monetary benefits can only be a small part of the total experience.
2. The game should not take the shape of an exam where the participants at the end of the day are waiting for the results and simply get disappointed because they could not win.
3. It should not become a betting or a luck based game. It should not be as if you have bought a lottery ticket.
4. It should not become complex. The game should abstract all the complexities of the stock market from the participant.

How to participate

Go through the web page for detailed information about the contest. In case there is a mismatch between the information provided in this document and the web page then information provided on the web page will take precedence.

1. Write the details of your idea in a document (PDF, MS word). Make sure to be as thorough as possible in your description of the idea.
2. Use your Google Mail (Gmail), for submitting and uploading the idea via the submission link provided on the web page . Using Google Mail (Gmail) login is mandatory. You will not be able to submit your entry without a Gmail login.
3. Alternatively, the final document can also be sent via an email to . You need to provide the mandatory information as a part of your email along with the disclaimer to ensure that your entry is accepted. Add the prefix “[Submission]” to the subject line if making submissions via email. Check the webpage for further details.

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1. I agree to give rights to credext Technologies Pvt.Ltd. for using the submitted idea as a part of larger project or service.
2. I agree to use the rights to use the idea in any form including commercial purposes to Credext Technologies Pvt Ltd.
3. I agree to not claim any royalty or any compensation for the idea and thoughts submitted in this contest.

4. After your idea submission, you will be receiving a confirmation email on the email address provided in the submission. Allow one day for a response because we respond personally. Your submission will also result in an auto generated email response in case you choose to submit via the submission link on the webpage .
5. You are allowed to do multiple submissions and each submission will be treated independently of the previous one. Which means all the submissions will be considered for the contest.
6. We identify you with your email id used in the submission. For collecting your prize money you will have to present the One Time Password (OTP) sent to you over your email. Hence, it is important that you use an authentic email address for your submission, which is only accessible to you in person. This will help us avoid any confusion in communication and awarding prize money.
7. Do not share your OTP with anyone. Credext Technologies will not be responsible for any confusion arriving out of leaked OTPs.
8. We do not share submission links over the email or any other communication channel. You should only follow the submission link from the webpage
9. The mandatory information provided by the participants will be verified before handing over them the prizes.
10. The participants should be above 18 years of age to be able to participate in the contest.

The winners who are students of University of California, Davis (UC, Davis) can present the OTP sent over the email along with their identity and collect their prize money. Handing over of the prize money will be facilitated through RoveCrest club at UC Davis, USA. Selected few winners and participants will also be entitled to appreciation certificates and recommendation letters from Credext Technologies based on their ideas and participation.

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March 20th, 2020

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May     18th, 2020

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