Product Overview

Credext has crafted a niche for itself through a thorough analysis of the customer requirements and utilizing our enabling software and products to create state of the art solutions for its clients in accordance to their needs. Our range of products and consultancy services span across cloud solutions, IoT, data analytics and machine learning. Our in house products include Classical Virtualization Platform, Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI), Mobile VDI and Biometric Authentication and Authorization System collectively named as YGo. With an objective of providing remote access to office infrastructure anytime, anywhere and in a most secured manner, YGo software suite aims at eliminating the need for going to office while also ensuring productivity. Secured through biometric facial recognition based system, YGo provides the required security to enable work from anywhere.

By evaluating and understanding the requirements of an organization to implement precise solutions, customized to their needs Credext provides

Classical Virtualization Platform

A Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) based virtualization platform with KVM hypervisor for data centres. The entire virtualization platform is augmented with an in-house developed data centre management solution for easy management of virtualization infrastructure in data centre. Solution supports the legacy hardware and software in addition to support for Hosted Shared Desktops (HSD) as well as Hosted Virtual Desktop.


Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI)

An optimized Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) for remote access of desktops over internet. The VDI is interoperable with other virtualization platforms such as VMWare and Xen. Platform provides seamless access to desktop operating systems such as Windows and Linux in both HSD and Hosted Virtual Desktop environments. With an ability to perform on low bandwidths, the VDI provides state of the art user experience over any kind of network including internet.


Mobile VDI

A high performance Mobile VDI for remote access of the desktops/workstation over mobile devices including tablets and mobile phones. It is interoperable with any of the virtualization platforms including VMware, Xen and includes support for both HSD and Hosted Virtual Desktop environments. Developed for optimize use over 3G and 4G networks, Mobile VDI provides an exemplary user experience on mobile devices.


Biometric Authentication and Authorization System

Facial recognition based on biometric authentication and authorization system. Biometric system not only does an initial authentication to identify the user but provides the ability to continuously authenticate the user during his working session without disturbing the user. The system has been specially designed to work in low bandwidth scenarios with special care taken to ensure that facial biometric authentication system does not consume any internet bandwidth during its operation.



Productivity management tool provided by Credext, helps organizations manage its resources efficiently. Tool provides a bird eye view of the organization's productivity and enables the individual team heads to drill down into individual performance. It provides the information about the commonly accessed applications and provides analytics about productive hours of each individual. Periodically generated analytical reports provide a deep insight into organization's resource utilization and efficiency.


Solutions for Diversified Applications and Industries!

At Credext, we aim at building the most versatile solutions for our customers in the most cost effective manner with an accelerated development cycle supported by a strong set of in-house developed cloud products. With such a host of services, Credext aims to offer a holistic solution which could be deployed and implemented instantly for enhancing productivity and enabling remote accessibility.

Branch and Remote Office

Many large organizations have smaller remote or branch offices that create and use data.

However, providing secure, reliable access to corporate resources in remote locations often competes with the need to reduce maintenance and administration costs, as many organizations have little or no IT staff deployed in branch offices.

A centralized approach to manage computing resources and corporate data can help slash operational cost, lock down security and simplify management in any location.

PC Replacement

As companies look to better protect valuable electronic assets and cut costs, many are finding that replacing legacy PCs with cloud client computing solutions delivers the strong security and

lower total cost of ownership (TCO) they need to remain competitive.

With cloud computing, all the security risk associated with desktop PCs disappears. No data is stored locally - equipment theft, water damage, even malicious tampering are threats of the past. Data stays safe in the secured data center, where it belongs.

Credext delivers cloud client computing products that replace legacy PC infrastructures and provide a secure, enduring, adaptable computing strategy for optimal TCO now and into the future:

  • Remove the security and content vulnerabilities of PCs by eliminating the local hard disk and safely storing all data in the cloud.
  • Slash the cost of maintenance by eliminating the need to travel to troubleshoot and update desktops.
  • Easily define and enforce security policies and procedures via centralized management.
  • Improve IT productivity by simplifying hardware installation, provisioning, configuration and updates.
  • Provide the same rich user experience as a PC, without re-training users.

Cost Reduction

Credext’s solutions:

  • Dramatically reduce the time and expense of securing PCs, because all data is stores safely in the datacentre, where it belongs.
  • Dramatically reduce the time and expense associated with desktop infrastructure maintenance with centralized provisioning, updates, patches and management.
  • Eliminates the usual 3- to 4-year desktop hardware refresh cycle.
  • Reduce the cost and energy required for shipping, storage and operation with light-weight, compact form factors.

Resource Optimization

Effective resource optimization must balance cost with capacity and performance, and ensure that sufficient IT resources are available to meet current and future business requirements.

Credext solutions help to optimize resources in the following ways:

  • They eliminate costly security and content vulnerabilities of PCs because all data is stored safely in datacenter, where it belongs.
  • They dramatically reduce desktop infrastructure complexity and maintenance with centralized provisioning, updates, patches and management capabilities.
  • Their light-weight, compact form factor reduce the cost and energy required for shipping, storage and operation.
  • They provide enterprise-grade secure access to servers and individual desktops with a simple straightforward login, allowing staff to remain productive, wherever they are.

Call Centre

all centre enable organizations to cost-effectively engage and communicate directly with large volumes of customers. But call centre complexity is becoming problematic.

Credext enables organizations with call centre to:

  • Substantially reduce operating and support costs while improving security.
  • Improve application reliability and availability, while simplifying management and updates.
  • Slash cost associated with equipment deployment and maintenance.
  • Redirect resources to more strategic tasks.

Mobile Access

Mobility and remote access in the workplace is no longer a nice-to-have. Employees must have anytime, anywhere access to corporate resources, from a variety of endpoint devices. Mobile VDI of YGo software suite improves productivity and business agility, and facilitates effective collaboration.

Credext solutions:

  • Provides enterprise-grade secure access to the company server and individual desktops with a simple, straightforward login.
  • Enable centralized management, patches and updates of end user machines.
  • Reduce cost associated with client-side computing and storage requirement.
  • Help IT staff maintain security over wireless networks and various end user access devices.
  • Allow employees to use mobile thin clients to be productive when off-site, while remaining immune to network-born security threats.
  • Enable employees, partners and visitors to "bring their own technology," without fear of compromising the security of the organization.

Remote Desktop Management

Efficient, remote management of end user desktops is one way to advance towards meeting the goals of streamlining operations, cutting cost, improving efficiency, and becoming more environmental responsible.

Powerful device policy and configuration management, real-time asset management and health-checking enable IT staff to streamline desktop deployment and minimize equipment replacement.

Credext solutions help to eliminate extraneous and often excessive maintenance costs while dramatically reducing time spent performing routine tasks.