Credext strives to consolidate the key principles and best practices to provide revolutionary and eco-friendly technology to the world. Embracing technology and new processes that enable us to make innovation for a future that's smart, sustainable and better.

The idea behind our products and services is to bring your workspace closer to you and make it move with you, without limits or inaccessibility. Our goal is to build out-of-the-box solutions which enable the use of technology as per your convenience. While Credext on one hand has products and enabling software which are Credext proprietary and for which Credext holds the patent, Credext also provides the services for customization and tailoring these products so as to build better products in accordance to the needs of its customers.

We offer cloud solutions, services and consultancy including

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The team comprises of 8 highly proficient engineers and researchers, with a huge amount of industrial experience and exposure. We offer services and solutions in the fields of desktop, server and application virtualization.

Dr. Brejesh Lall
Associate Professor, IIT Delhi